The Bennington, VT area enjoys natural beauty and is nestled in the Southwestern corner of Vermont. Bennington and the surrounding communities are famous and richly endowed with arts, history, and outdoor recreational opportunities. They are a tourist destination with a plethora of sight-seeing and recreational activities.

The center of commerce in the surrounding agricultural area, the area includes the villages of Old Bennington, and North Bennington. It acts as a major gateway to Vermont from New York State via Route 9.

History of Bennington

Bennington is where the Catamount Tavern once stood, and it was there that Ethan Allen and Seth Warner formulated the Green Mountain Boys and helped to establish the State of Vermont! People come here to live those moments of the history and feel the presence of those who worked hard to the historical formation of State of Vermont.

The history of Bennington dates back to 1749. The then New Hampshire Governor, Benning Wentworth, chartered the first town in the territory now known as Vermont, and named it after himself.  The town is known for the Battle of Bennington, fought during the Revolutionary War! August 16th, 1777 marked a famous battle with Gen. John Stark’s 1,500 New Hampshire Militia defeating 800 troops including German mercenaries, local Loyalists, Canadians, and Indians under German Lt. Col. Friedrich Baum.

The area of Bennington includes three historic districts: Old Bennington, Downtown  and North Bennington. Among them, Old Bennington is the original settlement, dating back to 1761, and was inhabited by Congregational Separatists when they arrived from Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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