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At Brenda Jones Real Estate Group we have a special program for all of our VIP Buyers. It’s Fast, Easy,  Automatic, AND FREE!

As soon as a VIP Home Buyer gives us their home search criteria it is entered into our database search program. We search for particular neighborhoods, styles of homes; the number and kinds of rooms, lot size, the price range and any other variables that are important to the VIP Buyer. Within seconds, the system makes a quick search of all of the houses that are listed (including the listings of other real estate offices), and returns the results of all houses that meet the VIP Buyer’s criteria. Those listings are instantly emailed to the VIP Buyer – so they know about all of the new listings as soon as they become available.

Our office computers execute this search instantly every time that a new listing enters the Multiple Listing Service. In short, it’s the only way a buyer can check out almost everything that’s out there and be the first to receive information about new listings the instant that they are made available.

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