Bring in the Buyers!

Your home should be ready to show at all times. Although it isn’t exactly convenient, this is a critical component in getting your home sold. Although we will discuss a custom course of action for your home, here is an overview of what you should do daily and when you get the call that a showing is scheduled:


  • Clean and polish the kitchen daily. That means no food spills, cleaned counters, no dishes in the sink, and all extra food in the pantry.
  • Check the bathrooms for cleanliness daily. That means the sinks are wiped down, the toilet sparkles, the shower door is squeegeed, the floor is clean and not wet (and neither is the bathmat). Make sure the towels are not overly wet and they don’t smell bad. Also make sure the towels are hung up nice and neat.
  • Floors should be free of dirt, leaves, and pet fur.
  • Throw pillows should be neatened on the couch.
  • Make sure there isn’t a dust build-up.
  • Make sure all the windows and glass doors are devoid of fingerprints (and nose prints in the case of four-legged friends).
  • Put all newspapers in recycling.
  • Go through the mail daily and put it where it goes (recycling, filing, pay bills, etc).
  • Take out all garbage.
  • Make sure front walkway is cleared of dirt, leaves, and snow.
  • Make sure all laundry is folded and put away.

Preparing for a Showing:

In addition to the above, if a showing is imminent, here is what you can do to set the mood.

  • Open all drapes and curtains to let in that natural light.
  • Turn on indoor and outdoor lighting to welcome the buyers in each room and area, and to highlight your outdoors.
  • Make sure the temperature is set to at between 68-74 degrees for comfort.
  • Make sure your smart home settings are correct for the buying public (we will discuss).
  • If your home smells stale, open a window or grind up a lemon in the garbage disposal.